Georg Fechter

WTB17 - Georg Fechter

Masters of Dirt is the visionary brainchild of Austrian Freestyle Mountainbiker Georgie Fechter. Every show’s concept starts off as an insane idea in Georgie’s mind, before being carefully molded and refined into the high-tech theatre production that is M.O.D.
After years of working with some of the best Dj´s in the business his close mates and partners Dj Mosaken, Ill Skillz and der Wanderer, three of austrias most known Dj´s managed to convince him to joing the game.
After hiding and learning how to use the decks for almost a year Georgie felt ready and played his first set at the legendary “Flex” in Vienna.
“I am so pumped to finally have a big challenge again and feel so nervous before every gig, its an awesome feeling and music has always played a super important role in my life” says Georgie.
Georgie is known for wild performances going bananas with and for the crowd playing only the deepest and dirtiest electro, techno and drum and bass you can find.

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