Daniel Morgenstern

WTB17 - Daniel Morgenstern
Daniel Morgenstern has just mad skills – No syncing or using a laptop! His way of performing is the old-fashioned art of mixing: Dubbing, spinning, cutting, scratching – The real joy of djing! Therefor he always reminds people: "Please don't sync ★ You don't need to sync!" Daniels music roots relate to Detroit-Techno & Chigago House. And as DJ and producer Daniel was greatly influenced by the legend Kevin Saunderson. In november 2015 Daniel finally went online (after 8years) with his facebook-fanpage – The reason was his very first release at Tube & Bergers big Kittball Label His track "She" gathered tones of positiv feedbacks from his fans and artitsts around the globe! On the otherside Daniel is the owner of the big austrian eventlabel "plemplem" and doing constantly events since 2008(…very successful…) Plemplem is one of the great successes in clubbing in austria. He means that an artist is all about, creativity, originality, and being able to produce a form of art, the audience can easily relate too and understand! And that's what Mr .Morgenstein is capable of doing: Daniel is able to pick up a crowd and takes them with him!  





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