WTB17 - Clyne


Clyne started Djing in his Hometown, Linz/Austria, back in 2004. First he taught himself the techniques at home, but soon he wanted to share his passion with a crowd, no matter what size it was. So in 2005 he started as a resident-DJ at Lennox (Linz).

After two years of playing house tunes there every weekend he had made himself a name in his hometown, but that wasn’t quite enough for him. Since he was no longer satisfied with the music and the venues he was playing, something had to change.

In 2007 he moved to Bucharest/Romania where he first discovered really deep and impelling Minimal for himself. He went to a lot of clubs all over Romania from Kristal Club, Studio Martin or Club Midi in Bucharest to the infamous Sunwaves Festival in Mamaia.
Deeply impressed by the music, the DJs and the nightlife he experienced there like Raresh, Pedro or Ricardo Villalobos he decided to adapt the tunes and sound into his sets, now creating a mix of House, Minimal and Techno-sounds but always with the goal to make people dance.

Back in Austria in the year 2008, he got the chance to become a resident at the brand new Skykitchen Club. From then on everything began to run the way it was supposed to be. Clyne started taking credits for his ambition and soon began establishing his sound in Viennas nightlife. Today he is a proud member of many regular events in Austria's capital, for example E1NS 2WEI, Stardust, Textil, Sunday Mornings, get whipped.

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